Modding RealD 3D glasses to be 2D glasses

First post should be something simple to test out how to create an post.

So, something based off an idea of a friend. Since I sometimes get a headache watching 3D movies and a friedn of mine had modded glasses that had only one polarisation. This can be achieved by disassembling two glasses and exchange the right and left from one to another glass, so you have two right and two left lenses. You can not turn the lenses, because they are actually made up from two filters, the light has to pass them in the correct order.

So, the mechanical stuff is pretty easy. You can seperate the two halfes of the glasses by prying open starting at the joints. Then you can easily rip off the two halfes, only one got minor damage doing this.

Then cut the lenses to be exchanged, be careful not to take away to much. From then on its some glueing and youre done.